Dust off those clubs

Golf season is about to begin

By Mae Jacobson, Associate Editor

Get out on the greens this season with WAC Golf Club socials and tournaments. Organized by Athletic Programs Manager Darin Barr, the WAC Golf Club spends casual evenings and afternoons playing at Puget Sound courses.

Longtime member Lisa Noji originally signed up to work some extra practice time into her schedule. Seven years later, she can’t wait for spring. “It’s a great opportunity to meet other members who love to golf,” she says. “There are built-in friendships on the course.”

Much like Lisa, WAC member Kim Connell joined the Golf Club to log more time on the course. But it’s the social aspect and encouraging environment that keep her coming back. “I remember I was so self-conscious the first time I joined,” she says. “But the people Darin paired me with were so kind and gracious. It was very low-pressure.”

In addition to pairing equally matched golfers, Darin sets up all the season’s tee times and events. All you have to do is show up. For many Golf Club members, that’s a huge selling point, getting them out of the office and onto the course. It also extends the WAC’s reach.

“I don’t make it to downtown Seattle every week,” member John Cronin says. “Having a tee time set up for me lets me take advantage of something the WAC has to offer away from the Clubhouse.”

—Contact Darin Barr at dbarr@wac.net for more information. Annual dues are $25 ($40 per couple); additional event pricing applies. Handicap cards available for $30 per person.

As published in the March/April 2019 issue of WAC Magazine.

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