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Reaching new heights

We’re excited to share more information about our elevator modernization project, which will bring major improvements to the Club’s three main elevators—aka our high-rise elevators—and the service car starting in early 2017. The project includes replacing each elevator motor, all of which date to 1929, and installing new control systems. The motors will be replaced one at a time, keeping three of the four cars in operation throughout the project. Here’s a primer on frequently asked questions and how members can navigate the Club during the modernization.

QWhat does the elevator modernization include?

A: We are undertaking a complete replacement and upgrade of our main elevators’ mechanics as part of the final step in a three-phase Club elevator modernization. The motors, controls, and dispatch system will all be updated. The inside decor of the elevator cars will remain the same.

QWhat elevators will be updated and how long will the project last?

AWe are updating our main elevators, which service the high-rise portion of the building and are located in the northwest corner of the main lobby. Each elevator will close one at a time for 13 weeks while renovations are underway. By working on one elevator at a time, we are ensuring that three cars will always be running.

Q: How can I best move around the Club during  the project?

ASince only one car will be out at a time you can still take the elevators, although we encourage members who can to use the stairs and alternative routes to alleviate longer-than-normal wait times. Watch for special incentives for members who climb rather than ride.

QWhat can we expect when renovations are finished?

AExpect an elevator system designed to eliminate unnecessary stops. You’ll choose your destination before entering a car. When elevators arrive, you’ll be grouped with passengers unloading in the same zone of the building. Also, the new system will only send elevators with available space. Cars will no longer stop when they are full.

QHow is this project being funded?

AThe plan is for the renovations to be paid from the Club’s capital expense budget over the next two to three years. This budget is funded entirely through member spending at the Club and new member entry fees. During the 2016–2017 fiscal year, the WAC Board of Governors and Club management will continue to identify and prioritize capital projects and funding necessary to ensure the Club remains in top form to serve our members. The WAC also maintains a strong commitment to never fall behind on the care of our historic landmark clubhouse—both inside and out. The Club has never imposed a capital assessment and hopes not to. If you would like to make a contribution to assist with elevator renovations, please contact Chief Financial Officer Paul Lowber at plowber@wac.net or 206.839.4790.

Visit wac.net/club-projects for Club project updates.

—Updated November 23, 2016. First published in the July/August 2016 edition of WAC Magazine.

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