Facial Reset Series 

Springtime skin

Reserve a series of four facials at a special price and give your skin the royal treatment

By Kelleen Blanchard, Spa at the WAC Manager

Spring is finally here! Welcome the new season with fresh skin when you reboot your routine. Chances are that the added stresses of this past year combined with cold winter weather have taken their toll on your glow. Whether you’re suffering from quarantine-induced inflammation and congestion or dreaded “maskne,” the Spa at the WAC’s skin care specialists can help. 

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Protecting and nourishing it should be integral to your overall wellness routine. Facials deeply rejuvenate and bring benefits beyond just beautifyingThey can reduce stress (nothing quite like a gentle facial massage to ease that jaw tension), allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper and work better, and encourage blood and lymph movement that clears out biochemical waste  

At the Spa at the WAC, we can work with you to develop a customizable set of facials to guide your journey to happier skin. We’re committed to your continuing at-home care by offering SkinCeutical products that help you maintain results. SkinCeutical products are backed by decades of research and are used in medispas and by dermatologists around the world.  

Begin with a personalized facial consultation, during which you’ll discuss your skin routine and needs with a Spa at the WAC esthetician. Based on this conversation, your consulting esthetician will suggest four facials. This could start with our Diamond Radiance Facial that exfoliates and brightens condensed skin through the use of microdermabrasion. Next, lighten and blur fine lines with our Age-Defying treatment. Follow that with a deeply exfoliating Dermaplaning session. Finish it all off with our classic hydration boosting Nourishing Facial. There are many facials to choose from and the series is fully customized to serve you. Book your series and we’ll include a SkinCeuticals restorative mask, selected antioxidant, and a sunscreen to keep your glowing skin going strong. 

Reserve your spring special by May 20 at the discounted price of $550. You’ll also receive a secret code for 10 percent off at our Shopify store! 

Call 206.464.3090 or email to reserve your customized facial series and face the season with a healthy glow.

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