Family matters: Condon

Jenni Condon
Billy Condon
Carly, age 18; Will, age 13; Cam, age 9; and Kellen, age 7

The WAC’s basketball league originally brought Jenni and her husband, Billy, to the Club. Soon after, it became a family affair—with kids Will and Cam also enjoying basketball, and Kellen and Carly enjoying dinners and quality family time at the Club. Condon family favorites include staying at the Inn at the WAC, Juniors Camps, and hosting other families with kids for parties. “One of our favorite memories has been doing birthday parties and celebrating with friends at the WAC,” Jenni says. “The basketball court is next to the party room, and it’s great to go back and forth.” Jenni’s favorite adult event is Jubilee, which this year returns on Friday, December 3. When Billy isn’t hosting business lunches at the Club, he enjoys playing sports with the kids. “The boys in this family really love all sports!” Jenni says. Billy is an avid athlete who played football for Whitworth University. “We love that the WAC provides our family and kids with a place to go compete in multiple sports,” Billy says. “They love playing hoops and football in the gym. They also love running the track and trying to beat their mile time.”

As published in the September/October 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted September 6, 2021

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