Family Matters: Johnson


Danielle Johnson
Anthony Johnson
Ethan, age 5, and Spencer, age 3

Ethan and Spencer Johnson both attended the full-time program at WeeWACs before the COVID-19 pandemic. The WAC childcare program was a perfect fit for them and their parents, who both work across the street during non-pandemic times. “WeeWACs was our primary reason for joining the Club,” Danielle Johnson says. But then the family started attending social events, and Danielle and Anthony began working out at the Club. “We have benefited more than we ever expected,” Danielle says. “It has turned out to be a great decision.” The icing on the cake was Ethan’s third birthday party, held in the 8th Floor Card Room and gym. “The WAC staff was so helpful leading up to the event,” Danielle says. “And they made an amazing cake!” The best part? “The WAC staff made sure I spent time with my son and family and didn’t worry about any of the party details.”

As published in the April/May/June 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted April 10, 2021

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