Family Matters: Levin & Davis

Sara Levin
Jeff Davis
Ellie, age 11

Sara Levin and husband Jeff Davis both worked in downtown Seattle before the pandemic, while daughter Ellie attended elementary school nearby. Joining the WAC “just made sense,” Sara says. “We’ve taken advantage of just about everything the WAC has to offer.” Whether they’re working out, staying at the Inn at the WAC, signing Ellie up for Juniors Camp, getting haircuts, or enjoying time together at GingerMania, the family has immersed themselves in WAC culture since joining the Club in 2017. Date nights and family dinners at Hagerty’s have also become a family mainstay. “We love the food at the WAC, and we’re glad to continue to enjoy takeout from Hagerty’s during the pandemic,” Sara says. Ellie’s favorite is the Caesar salad while mom and dad are “fans of whatever fancy cocktails they have on special at Hagerty’s.” Sara says the family also values what the WAC means for their health and well-being. “We’ve taken so many opportunities to get exercise and treat our bodies well with great food and fun with friends,” she says. “We love that all of those activities are offered in one lovely downtown space and that the service and offerings are so high-quality.”

As published in the September/October 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted September 6, 2021

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