Family Matters: Sancewich

Meet a WAC family!

Wendy Sancewich
Logan, age 14
Jessica, age 12

During non-pandemic times, Wendy Sancewich works across the street from the WAC Clubhouse, which offers an important home away from home for the Maple Valley
resident. As a partner at RSM, an audit, tax and consulting services firm, she joined the WAC for business. “I soon found out there were also so many things I could do with my children,” she says. Family favorites include Mother Son Dinners, Mother Daughter Teas, Family Fun Nights, and Santa Photos. “We come every single year to see Santa,” she says. “Two years ago was especially fun. We were being silly off to the side, taking selfies, and Santa walked over and asked if we wanted a selfie with him. It was great!”

As published in the January/February/March 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted January 21, 2021

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