Family Matters: Perkins

Meet a WAC family!

Crystal Perkins; Linda and Von Perkins Miles, age 10, and Elle, age 7

How do you find a sense of peace and normalcy during a global pandemic? Member Crystal Perkins and her two children turned to running and riding their bikes around their Madrona neighborhood. As a full-time working mom, Crystal faced a common challenge during the statewide closure—incorporating homeschool into an already delicate work-life balance. “Each day we make sure to be thankful for what we have—employment, a safe home, a yard, and our health,” Crystal says. What did they miss most about the WAC? “I missed my morning jogs followed by a quick steam before work,” Crystal says. “The kids missed swim lessons and swim team.” Crystal’s parents, Linda and Von Perkins, live downtown and are also WAC members. They’re all looking forward to getting back to the WAC post-pandemic. Ten-year-old Miles and 7-year-old Elle both participate on the WAC swim team and also enjoy Watts Basketball lessons. “The WAC really feels like our second home,” Crystal says.

As published in the September/October 2020 issue of WAC Magazine

note on photography: Some of the photos in this magazine were taken prior to COVID-19. During all recent photoshoots, safety rules and social distancing guidelines were followed.

—Posted September 10, 2020

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