Get hooked on golf

Join the WAC Golf Club for outdoor fun and, yes, some much-needed socializing!

By Mae Jacobson, Associate Editor

Golf is having a moment. While other athletic activities faded to the background last summer, golf popularity increased—including at the WAC, where more members are discovering the WAC Golf Club.

“Tee times got a little hard to come by last year,” Athletic Programs Manager Darin Barr says. Fortunately for WAC members, Darin, who oversees the WAC Golf Club, maintains long-standing relationships with courses around the region. “It was really the perfect sport during last summer’s lockdown,” he says. “Outdoors and tons of space all around.”

WAC members took this to heart, getting together for play at courses around the region. Darin takes care of the Golf Club’s scheduling, leaving members to enjoy the fun part—swinging away!

Member Pauline Beall joined the 2020 season while seeking a replacement for regular workouts in Coed Fitness. “I missed my fellow members and the exercise,” she says. “I needed an activity that was safe and social. The Golf Club fit the bill!”

Golf Club members visit local courses throughout the spring and summer. The Club plays twilight socials and tournaments. WAC Golf Instructor Gilbert Quitlong often tags along and offers pointers. Gilbert also teaches WAC members at Interbay Golf Center.

“It’s relaxing and easy to work into your week,” member Greg Rushing says of the Golf Club’s twilight socials. “I particularly enjoy the rounds when Gilbert is on hand to help with your swing.”

Players of all levels are welcome to join the Golf Club, and Gilbert predicts the sport’s popularity will continue to grow this year. “There’s been a big increase in demand for lessons from all types of people,” he says. “It can be tough to get a tee time, but the WAC Golf Club makes that easy.”

Along with scheduling, Darin pairs playing partners and makes sure everyone is having a good time. “The great thing about the Golf Club is that it’s a recurring thing you’ve committed to doing and it’s so much fun,” Pauline says. “It’s not intimidating at all. That’s what kept me coming back.”

Adds Gilbert: “In golf, we say it only takes one hit to get hooked!”

—To sign up for the Golf Club, contact Darin Barr at Event registration available through Mindbody at

As published in the April/May/June 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted April 21, 2021

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