Get to know group fitness again

Meet some of the WAC instructors who help replace ‘me’ with ‘we’ in the studio

Fitness is often viewed as a one-on-one scenario—you and your trainer, you and the weights, you and your health. But much like a team sport, where those beside you are working toward the same goal, fitness can be about “we” as much as it is about “me.”

Motivation can be contagious, and a group fitness atmosphere often allows that sense of purpose to spread as everyone works to tackle the same challenges. “Group fitness classes provide variety and team motivation,” WAC Fitness Programs Manager George Sommerrock says. “They’re also a great way to meet new people who share the same enthusiasm toward health and fitness.”

The WAC’s group fitness offerings cover a wide array of fitness goals and accommodate everyone, regardless of where you happen to be on your personal fitness journey. You can stretch and strengthen with Vinyasa yoga and Pilates, sweat it out in Core Cycle, or energize your routine with Blitz 45, and more. This spring, the Club’s list of group fitness offerings will nearly double. “We’re adding many more classes to the schedule,” George says, noting that popular offerings, such as Pilates and Barre, will be in that mix.

As with any class, the instructor is often the most important element. Our group fitness instructors come from diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common—their dedication to providing a fitness experience that is welcoming and rewarding. We invite you to learn more about some of these fitness professionals and to let them help you on the next step of your—or should we say “our”—fitness journey.

Linda Schetky – ReBoot (Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:30 pm); Blitz 45 (Thursdays at 5 pm)

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Linda Schetky is no stranger to the great outdoors, having spent childhood summers hiking and swimming with her three older sisters. Along with outdoor activities, Linda found herself drawn to competitive sports throughout high school and college, where she played intramural volleyball at the University of Washington. She began full-time at the WAC in 2017. For Linda, teaching group fitness came naturally, courtesy of her active and competitive upbringing. “I get so much motivation from being surrounded by others who thrive on competition, whether it be as part of a team, part of a class, or running a race,” she says. 

Carol Sele – Vinyasa Yoga (Mondays at 6 pm; Tuesdays at 12 pm)

For California native Carol Sele, regular fitness came in part through her days of collegiate rowing at California State University Long Beach. She quickly realized that maintaining a workout routine also took her “to a place of Zen and strength.” Carol couldn’t wait to share that feeling with others, leading her to obtain a personal training certification in 1993. Carol has been teaching at the WAC since 2019. Although yoga is Carol’s first love, she says it’s the people who keep her teaching. “The most amazing part of teaching yoga is seeing the transformation when people come into class and begin the breathing and movement,” she says.

Lauren Slater – Virtual Vinyasa Yoga (see schedule); Pilates (Tuesdays at 5 pm); Vinyasa Yoga (Tuesdays at 6 pm)

Lauren Slater felt her first fitness calling at age three when she discovered a love of dance. Years later, she obtained a degree in dance and exercise studies from UC Santa Barbara and teaching certifications in Pilates and yoga. “From my first yoga class, I remember the feeling in my heart that I’d found my forever home,” she says. Lauren began at the WAC in 2017. She enjoys the camaraderie group fitness provides. “It’s about sharing space, a good sweat, a laugh or two, and celebrating us all being alive and in it together,” she says. “Group classes create an energy where we’re breathing and moving together, and with that, people may surprise themselves.”

Caroline Wagner – Power Yoga (Wednesdays at 6 pm and Saturdays 10:30 am)

Seattleite Caroline Wagner has taught everything from yoga to aquatic fitness. She first stepped in as a substitute instructor when she was just 13. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Washington State University and began teaching professionally. “The most important thing I learned from my first experience teaching in L.A. was admitting when you make a mistake and being able to laugh at yourself,” she says. “We’re all human, after all!” She eventually returned to Seattle and joined the WAC ranks in 2016. Yoga, she says, can alleviate physical ailments and improve your body’s performance. Sharing those benefits, she says, are her passion.

As published in the April/May/June 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted March 25, 2022

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