Nutrition: Healthy for the holidays

The holidays are here!

With these seasonal festivities comes the worry of unavodable over-indulgence, weight gain, and to-do list related stress. Read on for some tips of how to bring a little peace and joy into this time of year while still honoring your health.


There are few things more beautiful than sharing a meal with loved ones. Allow yourself to enjoy this experience by eating slowly, savoring every bite, and staying mindful of when you start to feel full. Before going up for seconds, spend 10 minutes chatting, getting a little fresh air, or hydrating—then see if you are still hungry.

Stay fueled

Throw the old idea of “saving up calories” out the window! When we skip meals in preparation for a feast, we are much more likely to overeat when we finally get our hands on some food. Enjoy protein and fiber-rich foods throughout the day (a tasty egg and vegetable frittata is one of my favorites) to help satisfy your hunger and hold you over.

Plan to move

One of my family’s favorite traditions was playing flag football the day after Thanksgiving. It felt great to move our bodies and be social after sleeping off our food comas. Find your own way to be active like going for a long waterfront walk, participating in a 5K, or window shopping your favorite neighborhood.

Be kind to yourself

The holidays can be overwhelming and self care sometimes takes a back seat. Find little ways to treat yourself and take care of your body. Cozy up with a cup of fragrant ginger tea in front of the fireplace, spend five minutes giving yourself a foot massage or even just add an extra scoop of colorful veggies to your plate to make sure your body is getting what it needs.


—Updated November 22, 2019

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