Life at Home: Sarah Lawer

A new approach to family life

By Sarah Lawer

What crazy times we’re in! Our lives have changed in ways we’re still trying to manage. Add in the isolation and grief so many of us feel and it’s downright taxing. But this is also an opportunity to get to know each other in different ways. It takes effort, I know. All relationships do.

My husband, Frank, and I are still adjusting to having both of our kids at home full-time while we’re home as well. Our daughter’s preschool has a YouTube channel of teachers reading books and doing other activities, which have been nice to watch and are a great connectivity point to maintain with her friends and teachers.

We’ve also built routines around online content offered by local organizations we previously enjoyed visiting in person. It makes us feel better to hear familiar sounds and see familiar faces. Some of the new family favorites we’ve discovered include:

We also like to listen to the Canlis piano player during dinnertime or the Seattle Symphony. When we really get our acts together, we video chat with friends. But we’re still learning.

If you’re like me, you’re not yet conditioned to connect on a group conference call like we might in a WAC workout class or over drinks at Hagerty’s. I say all this because our lives today leverage resources we previously used differently. But the basis for why we use them is the same—community.

We’re creating new relationships we may not have otherwise developed. Stars have been born out of teachers with an innate ability to tell stories as well as sea otters with an innate ability to bask in the sun. We’ve also found time to comb through family videos and photos that jog memories and lead us to new activities.

Right now, we’re each learning to do things in a different way, one day at a time. And that’s all right.

—Sarah Lawer is a member of the WAC Membership & Marketing Committee. We’d love to share your story next. Send them to WAC Content Director Darrick Meneken at

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