How fun “toes” a body good

Sandal season is here!

Treat your toes (and mind) to a tropical trip to the Spa at the WAC

By Kelleen Blanchard

WAC members are a hard-working bunch. But make no mistake—they also love to have fun! Most of us know that exercise boosts our mood by increasing serotonin levels. But so does having fun without the sweat.

Serotonin is the hormone that regulates some of our bodies’ most basic processes. Upping your serotonin helps you sleep, sharpens your memory, and makes you feel good. Having fun also lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is involved in our “fight or flight” instinct, and stress can make cortisol skyrocket, which in turn tamps down our ability to fight off infections and recuperate from injuries.

The WAC offers lots of opportunities for fun and connection. At the Spa at the WAC, we’re offering a springtime treat that’s sure to relax and boost your mood. Indulge in our Tropical Paradise seasonal pedicure through May 20, 2021, to spark that joy. In this unique service, we use Pure Fiji’s coconut sugar scrub and honey body butter to slough away dry skin buildup and make your feet instantly soft and supple.

We’re thrilled to bring Pure Fiji products to the Spa. Their luxurious award-winning line of body care products are made from wild harvested raw ingredients that smell like vacation and feel like heaven.

Every Tropical Paradise seasonal pedicure also includes a complimentary smoothie at the Club Shop on your way home. That way you can keep your beachy vibe going and add a little extra boost to those serotonin levels. Remember, good times are good for you!

—Kelleen Blanchard is manager of the Spa at the WAC. Click here to learn more about Spa at the WAC nail offerings.

Posted 4/14/2021; DM

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