How to achieve your health goals

Stick to and achieve your New Year’s resolution with these tips

By Melissa Petrichko, WAC Nutrition & Health Coach

Nutrition & Health Coach 2New Year’s resolutions have been around for over 4,000 years and date back to the ancient Babylonians. To this day, we associate the beginning of a new year with a fresh start and a time to set goals for the next twelve months. It’s no surprise that losing weight, getting fit, and improving one’s health top the list for most resolutioners; however, only a select few achieve success.

When it comes to goal setting, planning and actions will separate those who find success from those who don’t.  The best way to achieve better health, fitness, and wellness goals are to develop a plan of healthy lifestyle behaviors that fit your unique needs, introducing them slowly and practicing them daily until they become automatic habits.

The basic building blocks of a healthy lifestyle are:

  1. Setting specific, realistic, and forgiving goals
  2. Ditching the “diet” mentality and focusing on making lasting changes for sustainable health
  3. Focusing on better food choices for overall health rather than just for the sake of “losing weight.”
  4. Eating more fruits and vegetables
  5. Making health your hobby and becoming interested in reducing your risk of chronic disease through improved lifestyle habits.
  6. Finding ways to move more and sit less throughout the day.
  7. Being mindful about what choices you make each day
  8. Improving your mindset and attitude with more positivity
  9. Rewarding your success and celebrating your small wins
  10. Getting support if you need it

Changing one’s behavior and losing weight is hard, and instilling new healthy habits takes time.  Every day is a new day, and if you get off track, get back on your plan and don’t give up. Consistency is the key to success!

The fundamentals of weight loss include enjoying healthier, nutritious foods more often and being more physically active. The way you approach dieting and eating, the way you set your goals and reward yourself, and the way you persevere are all customizable, so you can try new things and see what works for you!

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—Posted December 13, 2021; JC.

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