‘I do’ … the sequel

Story by Joey Carreon | Photos by Mike Tabolsky Photography

Sequel weddings, those follow-up nuptials that seem to be all the rage these days, have become an increasingly popular option for good reason. Mostly, they give couples some much-needed flexibility. For newlyweds Ashley and Justin, the pandemic disrupting their original wedding provided a silver lining—the opportunity to have their cake and eat it twice!

Often, sequel weddings offer a chance to throw a bigger party following a more intimate ceremony. During 2020, smaller “first” weddings often resulted from pandemic restrictions. Ashley and Justin, for example, cut their initial guest list from 230 to 40. “Those were probably some of the hardest decisions we had to make,” Justin says.

With their ideal plans on hold, the couple exchanged vows during a small waterfront ceremony. But they didn’t wait long to get back to the party planning. “We still wanted a big, fancy wedding with plated dinner service,” Ashley says.

The couple first toured the WAC in 2018 and immediately saw the Crystal Ballroom as the place their dream party could become reality. “There was no way we were going to get married without that vision coming to life,” Ashley says.

And come to life it did! Ashley and Justin held their sequel wedding in August 2021, fulfilling their dreams. “It was perfect—exactly what we imagined,” Justin says.

The couple worked closely with Katie Takahashi, WAC Director of Catering Sales. She helped them plan their ideal sequel wedding every step of the way. “She made us feel like royalty,” Ashley says. “You talk about a Seattle venue—a gorgeous Crystal Ballroom and amazing staff that just make you instantly feel welcome. It had this touch of fancy more than a typical wedding.”

The party included their original guest list—no cuts this time—and went well past midnight. “When COVID impacted our original wedding day, it wasn’t even a second guess to stick with the WAC,” Ashley says.

To top off their experience, the couple added a few new aspects to their sequel wedding that weren’t initially planned, including lunch for the groomsmen in Hagerty’s and an extra night in the Elliott Bay Suite.

“The WAC was the perfect venue,” Ashley says.


As published in the January/February/March 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted January 4, 2022


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