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Amanda Ramsey | Zumba

Kitsap County native Amanda Ramsey grew up participating in all kinds of sports. Her mom, a black-belt in karate, and her dad, an avid biker and runner, encouraged Amanda to try whatever athletic endeavors her heart desired. During her time at Olympic College, Amanda found another passion—photography. Her love for the camera brought Amanda to Seattle, where she received a fine arts degree from the University of Washington. After working as a professional photographer for 10 years, Amanda felt like something needed to change. “I was in the worst shape of my life,” she says. “I felt stuck in an unhappy relationship, and I was depressed.” Amanda started taking Zumba classes in an attempt to feel more at peace. It worked. “I fell in love with the format,” she explains. “Something came over me and I knew I needed to teach.” After receiving her Zumba teaching certification on her 33rd birthday, Amanda auditioned for local gyms, landing a number of jobs, including one at the WAC in 2011. Since then, Amanda has been teaching Zumba to a crowd of regulars on Monday evenings at 5:30 pm. “I love putting a smile on my students’ faces,” she says. “And I love sharing my passion for dance—Zumba saved my life, after all.”

As published in the November/December issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted November 9, 2018

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