Instructor Insights

Lindsay Ferrer  

Tri/Cycle Coach

A competitive collegiate runner and strong swimmer, Lindsay Ferrer took up triathlon when her now-husband, Nick, encouraged her to start cycling. After buying her first road bike in 2009, she was hooked. Four years later, Lindsay opened a personal training company. She recently joined the WAC’s triathlon coaching team. “Triathlon training provides great learning opportunities,” she says. “Every event or race is a new chance to improve, grow, and hone your skills.” Lindsay loves brick workouts—biking followed by running—and says one of her favorites is to ride around Mercer Island and then run Green Lake. When she’s not training, Lindsay rests and recovers with articles, books, and documentaries on endurance sports. “Unique stories and achievements give me inspiration and energy,” she says. She is also mom to two daughters.

—Lindsay Ferrer joins Julie Vieselmeyer and Erik Ness as WAC triathlon coaches. 

As published in the May/June 2019 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted May 8, 2019

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