Introducing Dr. Davis

New WAC naturopath gets to the heart of health issues

New WAC Naturopath Dr. Darci Davis wants her patients to understand the root causes of their health issues and how lifestyle changes can lead to long-term improvements that treat more than just the symptoms. The goal is to create lasting change and drastically improved lives.

Dr. Davis has a passion for serving people through health, fitness, health promotion, education, and hands-on care. Her clinical interests include weight-loss management, musculoskeletal complaints, sports medicine, and general family practice. She can also manage and prescribe nutritional supplements and medications and provide multiple physical modalities.

“My focus is on health and performance as opposed to disease care,” she says. “Most people will be far better off optimizing their wellness, including diet and exercise, than with short-term solutions to symptoms.”

When dietary changes aren’t enough, nutrient injections can often help with fatigue, muscle pain, memory fog, and other issues. These injections provide highly concentrated nutrients that can readily reach tissues and cells without being processed through the digestive tract.

“Properly tailored injections can help patients absorb nutrients and lead to noticeable benefits rather quickly,” Davis says. A series of injections is often recommended for the best results.

Through custom blending, Davis targets specific patient needs, leading to increased immunity, enhanced focus, reduced stress, and higher energy levels. “These are revitalizing combinations that get to the bloodstream quickly and nourish your organs,” she says.

Davis graduated from California State University, Fullerton, with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. She went on to attend Bastyr University and earned a doctorate of naturopathic medicine. She accepts a variety insurances.

As published in the January/February 2020 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted December 20, 2019

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