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Build connections on a WAC event planning committee

It’s time to get back to activities, making memories, and meeting new people! Expand your network and help plan unique WAC events when you volunteer on a Club Programs event planning committee. Committee members must attend at least 85 percent of monthly meetings (September–April), bring event ideas to committee meetings, participate in at least two committee events, and be ready to have fun!

Committee descriptions

20s/30s: Grow your Seattle roots alongside fun-loving WAC members through networking, community outreach, and shenanigan–filled escapades such as Tubing & Brews, bar tours, member mixers, and weekend trips.

Family Activities: Create fun and memories at family- and kid-focused events centered on engagement and special moments, including WAC family traditions, juniors camps, and parent-child fun.

In the Know: Pick up new hobbies, develop new talents, and expand professional development tools. Past events have included an introduction to the Parker Solar Probe, pasta-making nights, and kitchen skills with WAC Executive Chef Eric Floyd.

Arts & Entertainment: Paint the town and enrich your lifestyle socially and culturally while enjoying new hotspots, great shows, and adventures in dining. Past events have included food excursions, concerts, and explorations of the local arts scene.

The WAC Way: Would you like to give back to the greater Seattle community but don’t know where to start? Formed in 2020, The WAC Way is a member-driven volunteer effort that plans service projects, partnerships, and charitable endeavors.

Engagement Team: A brand new WAC committee! Connect, engage, and nurture your WAC social circle through affinity groups, casual get-togethers, and member-led clubs within the Club. This committee lays the foundation for member camaraderie.

All monthly meetings take place on weekday evenings except for Northwest Discovery, which meets midday.

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