Jubilee 88

A Grand Gala.

Celebrate the WAC’s 88th year at Jubilee.

Read about parties past.

By Darrick Meneken and Mae Jacobson.

First, you’ll see the gowns and tuxedos making their way up Sixth Avenue. Next, you’ll hear music drifting from the Clubhouse and down the sidewalk. When you finally step inside Jubilee on Friday, December 1, the party will wrap you in glimmering lights, live entertainment, and a spectacle of decor and culinary decadence. This is, after all, the WAC’s annual gala—the big show, the feature presentation, the can’t-miss party of the year. And as a WAC member, you’re always atop the guest list.

Whether it’s magnificent balloon sculptures, astonishing holiday lights, or show-stopping food and drink, this year’s Jubilee will surprise at every turn. Begin your exploration in the lobby, where a champagne toast calls attention to the true reason for the party—the WAC’s anniversary. This December, we start our 88th year. No better reason to say Cheers and Hear! hear!

Now the party really begins. Bumping shoulders, saying “hi” to old friends and new acquaintances, recognizing a face across the room but not quite remembering their name until … That’s right, it’s you! So good to see you again!

And just like that, you’re in the Noble Room, and the food is like nothing you’ve seen since that trip you took to Nashville … or was it New Orleans? Never mind. Not important. Because right now, at this party, the discussion shifts and the Southern fare of Blue Ribbon Cooking steams in front of you as a deejay spins dinner music and the crowd pulses.

“At Jubilee, there’s a momentum that begins to happen as it gets later and later,” Vice President Membership & Marketing Michelle Pinson says. You, of course, know exactly what she means as you leave the Noble Room and slip into the Johnson Lobby Lounge for a turn at the seafood buffet, served with a side of live funk performed by 313 Soul and lead vocalist Darelle Holden.

“Surprises are part of the fun,” Michelle continues. “We don’t want to give too much away. But you can be certain of one thing—keep moving and you’re sure to find more than you expect.”

Upstairs you go

A fresh drink, back to the lobby, up the grand staircase, and the party keeps unfolding. Torchy’s for dueling pianos served with the culinary inspirations of Peony Kitchen. Hagerty’s for a few snaps of the Pac-12 championship game and some New American cuisine. The Meisnest Room for photo portraits. The Heritage Room for a psychic reading. And yes, the Crystal Ballroom for the age-old sport known only as, Come on, baby, mama needs a new pair of shoes!

“The Jubilee casino is fueled by the energy of the crowd and the roar of winners,” Club Programs Senior Event Manager Robert Laurent says, offering a friendly “cash only” reminder. “It’s always a hit. So come ready.”

Enjoy your turn at blackjack, craps and roulette, but don’t forget the rest of the show. Around the Clubhouse, the rooms you visited once are changing. In Hagerty’s, football becomes karaoke. In the Johnson Lobby Lounge, a full funk performance has turned up the heat. And back in the Noble Room, dinner music has gone bumping dance party!

“Be sure to check out everywhere and everything—twice!” Robert says.

The night that was

Whatever you do, pace yourself. Jubilee is a marathon, not a sprint. “It’s a night full of great food and wonderful entertainment,” Vice President Food & Beverage Peter Christian says. “As for the food, this year is going to be one our members talk about for a long time.”

As the night closes, take a moment to breathe it in. This is your WAC, your party, your story … until next year.

Invitation only

All members are invited. Official invitations arrive in early November. Guests are welcome by member invitation.

Party pricing

Reserve by Tuesday, November 14: $135 members, $155 guests

Reserve after Tuesday, November 14: $150 members, $175 guests


Dress to impress at this formal affair. There’s no such thing as overdressed when it comes to Jubilee!

Make it a night

Don’t wait! Call the Inn at the WAC today to check availability. Get ready with a visit to the Spa at the WAC, and take an elevator to your room when the party ends.

  • For inn reservations: 206.464.3055 or innreservations@wac.net
  • For spa appointments: 206.464.3090 or wacspa@wac.net

Grand Prize

Buy chances to win the Jubilee grand prize—a 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 in Cirrus White, on display in the Club lobby through November. Order chances before Thursday, November 30. On sale in the lobby or through Club Programs: 206.464.3060, clubprograms@wac.net.

  • Full boards (52 chances), $50
  • Half boards (26 chances), $30
  • Single chances, $5 each
  • Only members may enter. Grand prize winner announced at Jubilee. Need not be present to win.

As published in the November/December 2017 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted October 27, 2017


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