Juniors of the Month: Cam and Kellen Condon

WAC JUNIOR OF THE MONTH: Cam and Kellen Condon

Seven-year-old Cam Condon and five-year-old Kellen Condon love to play baseball, basketball and football. The brothers recently participated in the WAC’s All About Sports camp where they tried all kinds of fun activities from playing in the 8th Floor gym to swimming in Helene Madison Pool. When they come to the Club with their parents, Cam and Kellen enjoy eating clam chowder and drinking smoothies in the WAC Café. They also sometimes stay overnight at the Inn at the WAC and watch basketball from the comfort of their room. When they’re not at the WAC, Cam and Kellen love playing with LEGOS and watching their favorite movie, Rookie of the Year.

—Posted July 15, 2019

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