Life at home: Alana Koetje Morris

Missing the WAC pool

Swimming a mile three times a week at the WAC, this water girl misses the pool so much! Instead, I’ve been walking and walking, and I finally figured out a great way to work my arms, too—kayak in Lake Washington!

About once a week I drive to a friend’s house, walk to her dock, and launch. Requisite social distancing, we stay six feet apart and outside the entire time. With my wetsuit already on, I’m so tempted to jump in for a swim. Given that the water is currently about 58 degrees, I don’t. Brr!

Just being on the lake has me looking forward to summer waterskiing already. We kayak together for about two hours each time. It’s comforting to splash the lake with my paddle, and I’m appreciative of the opportunity just to dip my hands in the water.

As is often the case, my mind wanders back to the WAC pool. I miss my WAC swimming family immensely—Jane, Gail, Andrew, Nolan, Drew, Doug, Tom, Patti, Elizabeth, Lisa, Kathleen, Kathryn, and many others. I also miss the WAC lifeguards and locker room staff and garage attendants and door greeters …

Here’s to getting back in the pool and back to the WAC!

Love to all!

Alana Koetje Morris

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