Life at Home: Hayes Mott

Canned soup workouts before school

By Hayes Mott

“Routine will be helpful these days,” I told my preschool class as we released school three months ago. Now I try to stick to a routine, too.

6 am: Quash wake-up alarm.

7:23 am: Actually wake up. After a delay of what I generously call “productivity,” my workout begins. This means bouncing around an ill-lit alcove of my apartment, where I have laid a yoga mat. Hoisting chicken broth cans in an overhead press, I try not to puff with too much exertion as my quarantine partner conducts a video call 14 feet away.

8:16 am: Cans down, I think wistfully of the Washington Athletic Club. I miss Tessie in Women’s Fitness, serenading me with my own member number as I walk in on the 7th Floor. I miss the brightly lit assortment of weights (none of them edible). I miss Frank’s Thursday morning step class, always rewarded by a cup of coffee to go. I miss Ahmed saying “have a good day” as I swing through the front doors, and a wave from Jason as I pull out of the WAC parking lot. These friendships I’m now substituting with a smaller bubble.

10 am: My job now includes orchestrating a preschool program from a distance. I truly miss each student and recognize the wide gap between hands-on learning and video assignments. Preparing for school in an uncertain season is a new challenge. As a member of the WAC’s 20s/30s Committee, I enjoyed brainstorming future events that Mary Ellen masterfully executes. Now I shift to planning with contingency and creativity.

5 pm: The comfortable refuge of Hagerty’s comes to mind. My home supply never provides quite the same enjoyment as a glass of WAC-label Pinot Noir.

This new routine has slowed us. It’s easy to see how much we miss the comfort of the “happy order” we all had just a few months ago—and how much the WAC plays into it. I look forward to rejoining all of my WAC friends very soon and to the old familiar ways that mean so much. In the meantime, I’d sure love to get some WAC Pinot for home!

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