Life at Home: Kristi Rennebohm Franz

Still riding … at home

Life at Home: Kristi Rennebohm FranzBy Kristi Rennebohm Franz

To keep conditioning with social distancing, my husband, Eldon, and I found this solution:

Step 1
We located two super bike stands in stock at Montlake Bicycle Shop and arranged for “no-contact” curbside pickup …

Step 2
We surveyed our local landscape (aka backyard) and set up our “route” with this view …

Step 3
We used a software app recommended by our daughter to design interval workouts and started pedaling. Added bonus—for the first time ever I can ride side-by-side with Eldon without slowing him down!

After our workouts, we go through multiple sets of stretches we learned from outstanding WAC personal trainer Mona Caravetta! Thank you, Mona, for all you have taught us about conditioning. Miss you! Your coaching endures and is greatly treasured!

We can’t wait to remove our stands and ride into the WAC soon.

—Kristi Rennebohm Franz is a WAC member and the former chair of the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board. Send your Life at Home story to WAC Content Director Darrick Meneken.

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