Life at Home: Nibha Dadheech

Missing travel … and Pickleball

By Nibha Dadheech

Awdesh and I enjoy every moment of our fast-paced downtown life in Seattle. Our passion for engineering, mixed with our professions, makes our days go by rather quickly. While travel and vacation have become imperative ways to reset over the past decade, we recently discovered the WAC. Every visit to the Club—including for Pickleball, our current favorite sport—brings a smile to our faces and ensures a day well-spent. 

In spite of our life’s speed, every opportune occasion is a reason to celebrate. Birthdays and New Year’s Eve are particularly planned in advance and mostly involve traveling. Coincidentally, both of our birthdays overlap with long weekends—mine on Thanksgiving and Awdesh’s on Memorial Day. 

For my birthday, you’ll find us dancing in a club in either Las Vegas or San Diego—they have the best DJs. For Awdesh’s, we prefer being closer to nature and exploring new landscapes. Those trips have included hiking in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and trips to Yellowstone, Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Garden of the Gods (Colorado), and Yosemite. 

Following the same tradition, this past Christmas we flew to Thailand to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Bangkok. Little did we know that the era of COVID-19 had already begun. Bangkok is amazing. From architectural marvels to jaw-dropping landscapes, delicious food, and meditative experiences beyond explanation, we loved it. During this month-long journey, we also traveled to South Korea and our favorite destination, India. We also visited two WAC reciprocal clubs—The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the Seoul Club. Both are well worth a visit.

Champagne glasses clink at sunset overlooking the Space Needle.Needless to say, adjusting to life at home as the world shut down was an unanticipated event. For us, “work from home” turned out to be a boon, with considerably more focus time. Being cautious of not burning out, however, proved to be difficult. Attending the WAC’s online yoga sessions and other virtual fitness classes often provided the balance we so desperately needed!

This year for Awdesh’s birthday we stayed home for the first time in seven years. As it turned out, an upside-down pineapple cheesecake, champagne, and a beautiful Seattle sunset overlooking the Space Needle are a wonderful way to celebrate!

We can’t wait to start playing Pickleball at the WAC again. We miss our fellow players and WAC community. In the meantime, take care and stay safe, everyone!

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