Life at home: Peters-Mathews Family

Cooking, reading, coloring, and “Animal Crossing”

We work in very different fields, yet we are both in helping professions. We’re both essential workers, though how essential being in our offices is quite different. For Brandon, to see sleep patients, even via telemedicine, the routine hasn’t changed. Joseph has had to figure out how to lead 50–75 Episcopalians in Sunday worship digitally. While Brandon has continued his routine, Joseph has spread his hours over the days and been able to spend an extra six weeks with our two-toothed six-month-old, Topher.

It has taken time to find a routine. Right as we think we have it figured out, there’s another growth spurt or the way church happens can change. During this time together we’ve embraced some new habits and revisited old ones. Joseph has been making a daal of the week, started baking pastries again, and gotten more familiar with a pie cookbook. After we eat together as a family, we read a chapter from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia before bath, bottle, and bed.

Later, after “Mallard Island Hymn” is finished playing and Topher is asleep, the adults take some time for themselves. One colors while the other has recently started crossbreeding flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One of us is very tired of staying at home and very much looking forward to socializing at the WAC’s 20s/30s mixers as soon as possible! We’re both in desperate need of a real vacation, but when we pause to think about it, we’re thankful to have this (unexpected) time to grow so much closer as a family.

Joseph and Brandon Peters-Mathews

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