Life at Home: Tad Seder

Finding new encouragement online

By Tad Seder

Years ago (OK, decades ago) I was lucky enough to play baseball, football and ultimate frisbee in school. One constant was the encouragement I received from coaches and teammates. By encouragement, I mean coaches yelling things like, “You’re only cheating yourself,” which, if we’re being honest, I still sometimes hear during WAC fitness classes. When WAC instructors say it, though, it always sounds a little kinder than it did all those years ago.

Other “encouragements” from my schooldays included teammates indicating they were disappointed. Like the time on the ultimate field when I dropped an EASY toss against Middlebury and was busy having a tantrum as my guy ran wide-open into the end zone.

Fast-forward in time to eight years ago, and my body was starting to feel the effects of a run-heavy approach to fitness in adulthood. I tried a TRX class at the WAC— T …R …what, I thought! I had no idea what to expect. A couple of hours later, my arms wouldn’t stop shaking, the aftereffects of a great workout. Other fitness classes followed. I was hooked!

Something else also happened around this time. I started to realize how important the WAC community was to me. Not just the fitness instructors and my fellow classmates, but others, as well. One person I’m missing right now is Jason in the garage, always there with a smile. When I’m at the WAC, I’m sometimes reminded of my school teammates, many of whom also became great friends.

It’s been a month since the WAC suspended operations due to the pandemic, and I miss the community every day. But even though the WAC building is closed, the club isn’t.

A few times a week, I fire up Zoom and join a TRX, cycling, or boot camp class offered online. Debbie Officer still works us hard, even when she’s on her deck and I’m at home. I miss the camaraderie of being together with fellow members in the WAC Clubhouse, of course, but it’s great to be keeping up my fitness routine online. The give and take with classmates and instructors can’t be replicated in a virtual environment, but I know that when we get back to normal we’ll all appreciate each other a little more.

Until then, stay safe!

—Posted April 14, 2020. See the schedule of live online WAC fitness classes as well as recorded workouts you can do on-demand. Want to share your story from home? We’d love to hear it! Send it to WAC Content Director Darrick Meneken at

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