Life at Home: Van Dyke Family

Welcoming new twins

By Jenn Van Dyke

One thing that remains constant during this pandemic is the ever-flowing feeling of uncertainty. It’s difficult to adjust to a new normal when your situation is constantly changing. What I’ve learned during this time is that you need to slow down and just take each day one day at a time.

Our twin boys were born during the height of this pandemic. While caring for two newborns is no easy task, Donald and I are navigating our new normal just like any other family. On top of sleepless nights, we’ve also had to adjust to the reality that loved ones won’t be able to meet our twins or hold them until a later time, which means more FaceTime and video calls with family members.

Our time outside is limited to walks to the park or playtime in the yard. Diedric, our oldest, who normally takes swim lessons at the WAC, now gets to practice his skills in our bathtub. We definitely miss the WAC’s amenities, especially the spa-like showers and towel service. Having recently given birth, my body and mind are in need of a little TLC! My first visit to the WAC will almost certainly take me to the 4th Floor for some pampering—massage, facial, and mani/pedi—from the Spa at the WAC.

As I continue to take each day one day at a time, I can let go of the stress that comes with waiting for the unknown. I’m present with my family, which is the thing that matters most. My hope for each of us is that we can stay positive in times like these and look at the good things that come from unexpected situations.

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