Meet the Athlete: Kari Luttinen

Born and raised in Seattle, Kari Luttinen was introduced to basketball in elementary school by her father, who coached her growing up. From there, Kari flourished into a savvy scorer in Seattle’s high school hoops scene. She played guard at Seattle Prep and racked up multiple accolades before continuing her career at the University of Portland. She currently plays for the WAC women’s team.

Q. What’s your favorite part about basketball?
A. Competition. I’m addicted to it!

Q. How do you use the Club?
A. In addition to playing on the women’s basketball team, I use all the WAC’s fitness amenities and can’t get enough of them! I also use the WAC socially. The Main Event collegiate boxing event is one of my favorite nights of the year and a great way to spend time with old and new friends.

Q. In high school you dominated the Seattle hoops scene. What are your thoughts on the city’s basketball community?
A. Seattle is definitely a hotbed for hoopers. It’s a super tight-knit and fun community to be a part of and only keeps getting better!

Q. What does your future hold, basketball-wise?
A. For now, my hoops future includes playing at the WAC! I’d like to stay connected to the game in any way I can, potentially coaching at the middle school or high school level somewhere down the line. My professional career is in commercial real estate now.

Q. Do you have any advice for young women with aspirations of playing at the college or pro level?
A. Stay focused and trust the process. On the first AAU team I played on, I didn’t make the A Team. Nothing can replace discipline and hard work. Also, some of the best training sessions and runs I had were with the guys—don’t be afraid to step in there!

As published in the November/December 2021 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted November 13, 2021

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