Meet the Athlete: Katie McElree

Bakersfield baller.

By Mae Jacobson, WAC Associate Editor

New member Katie McElree began playing basketball in sixth grade. A California native, Katie played throughout middle and high school. She attended Cal State Bakersfield, where she was the third-leading Division II scorer in the nation her junior year. She graduated in 2006 as Bakersfield’s all-time leading scorer, a record she retained until two years ago. Today, Katie coaches the Lake Washington High School junior varsity girls basketball team and plans to play on the WAC women’s team.

What’s your favorite part about basketball?
I absolutely love defense. Being able to walk away and look at the stats and know the girl you were guarding didn’t score or scored less than her average is all about pride. You leave the court knowing you did your part for your team.

It sounds like your college playing days were great.
I had an amazing time at Bakersfield. During my freshman year we played Seattle Pacific on their home court in the playoffs. They were undefeated. When we beat them, we put Bakersfield in the Elite 8 for the first time in school history. When we returned home we had a ton of fans waiting for us. It was the best experience a college athlete could have.

What are your basketball goals for the future?
I am so excited to play with the WAC women’s team. I hope to make the Club and my teammates proud. I want to get some more banners up in the gym. I have a championship on the brain!

Do you have any advice for young athletes?
Work hard on the court and in school. Grades are your ticket. I had natural skill on the court, but one summer in college I trained like I have never trained before. The following season, all my stats doubled. Hard work pays off and gets you noticed.

As published in the November/December 2016 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted October 4, 2016

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