Meet the WAC’s new Nutrition & Health Coach

New Nutrition & Health Coach

Born and raised in Hawaii, Melissa Petrichko learned to love healthy living from her father at a young age. “He was my most significant role model and was extremely interested in his health,” she says. “He instilled in me the importance of living an optimal quality of life through a number of practices I still use to this day.” 

As the WAC’s new Nutrition & Health Coach, Melissa brings an extensive background in healthy living to the Club. She joined the Wellness Center team in February and immediately introduced some new offerings. Some of those practices include Melissa’s life-phase coaching, in which she seeks solutions for clients using her expertise as a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute–certified health coach. Melissa provides online classes and personalized virtual coaching for families, children, and older adults. She looks forward to moving to more in-person care post-pandemic.

Her offerings also include the six-week L.E.A.N START and 10-week Prime-Time Health programs. Both developed by Dr. Sears, these wellness programs are scientifically proven, educational, and interactive. “Taking intentional action to stay healthy during a pandemic is a way to feel safe,” Melissa says.

In addition to personalized health coaching and weight-loss coaching, Melissa offers life-phase coaching for pregnant women and new parents, families with children, and adults and seniors.

She is also certified through Precision Nutrition and can provide daily check-ins through the Precision Nutrition app, which enables recurring nutritional advice based on clients’ specific needs. “Connection, positivity, and emotional well-being are more important now than ever,” Melissa says.

Melissa looks forward to working with WAC members and is thrilled for the opportunity to help members improve their lifestyle and nutrition habits.

—Melissa is available virtually and in-person by weekday appointment. For more information, see To book an appointment, email

As published in the April/May/June 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted March 25, 2021

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