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December 5

Selections for the 12-person Southeast Asian Games squad were made December 1, and I’ve been selected to the team! The coaches love my speed—but even more than that—my aggression in the contact area. We are traveling north to Clark (where the games are held this weekend) from training camp and hoping we’re out of the way of the typhoon. Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving dinner, a sponsorship visit to Messy Bessy, and, of course, a post-scrimmage ice bath.

November 25

I left Seattle on Thursday, November 21, and arrived in Manila just before noon on Friday. I was picked up by the driver and hung out at Philippine Rugby Football Union headquarters until we left for camp in Laguna. We got settled in, had dinner as a team and relaxed.

Practice sessions started the next morning. I got close to getting heat exhaustion during the first session because training in Seattle weather doesn’t translate to the heat and humidity of the Philippines. I took it easy when I was recognizing symptoms and told the coach. The second session was later in the evening when temps were cooling down and it was much more comfortable. I was able to show more of my skill set during the defensive practice with my chop tackles and speed/evasion during a one-on-one drill.

Sunday was a mock game day simulation, so we prepared for the day as if it were Day 1 of SEA games, starting with an morning blow out session, then three warm ups, and full time games. I played wing in the first game and was able to dot down four of my team’s five tries in a win. The next game I was moved to loosehead prop so the coach would be able to see what I could contribute in that position. My team was only able to get the ball out to me cleanly once, which turned into a try, but my defensive skill set was able to show more since I didn’t have as many offensive opportunities. My team won in a much closer match. The third game I was at loosehead prop again, but my team was assigned to only play with six people instead of seven on the other side. Despite the lack of numbers and a yellow card, we were able to pull out a great team win with a connected defense and using the edges to score. I was able to dot down three to four tries in the last game.

Today (Monday) was the first day back in Manila. I’m sharing a condo with two other international players. We explored the city a bit, got massages, went grocery shopping, and were currently watching Harry Potter until we head to training in about an hour. Here’s some photos of me on the pitch and in the gym!


—Updated December 5, 2019

WAC member Erica Legaspi trains with Philippine national team

Rugby player Erica Legaspi was recently recruited by the Philippine national team to participate in training camp and potentially play rugby 7s at December’s Southeast Asian Games. The daughter of Filipino immigrants, Erica is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the United States. She will travel to Manila in late November and participate in an 11-day high-intensity training camp with the Philippine national team. Erica’s participation in training camp gives her a chance to be selected to compete in the Southeast Asian Games on December 7–8.

“I am so honored to suit up for my motherland and be part of the Philippine rugby revolution,” Erica says. “I look forward to paving the way for girls and women to get out on the pitch and fall in love with the sport.” Erica plays for the WAC women’s rugby team and the Seattle Saracens. Support her trip!

As published in the November/December 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted October 23, 2019


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