Member podcast takes on high-profile crime

Looking for your next great podcast to binge on that road trip? Look no further than “Somebody Somewhere,” which investigates the 2001 unsolved murder of Seattle federal prosecutor Thomas Wales. WAC member and former federal prosecutor David Payne is the writer, host, and co-executive producer (along with his producing partner, Jody Gottlieb) of this 10-part episodic podcast. If you’re a Seattleite who thinks you know this story, think again. In their 2018 independent investigation, Payne and Gottlieb take you beyond the headlines, and you’ll be shocked at what they uncover. CNN legal analyst and The New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin called “Somebody Somewhere” an “excellent new podcast.” Learn more about the show and start listening at

As published in the September/October issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted September 9, 2018

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