Members making a difference: Brett Webster

Brett Webster

Meet one of the Club’s biggest supporters

Redmond’s Brett Webster joined the WAC in 2016, when he started working at a commercial insurance brokerage across the street from the Clubhouse at Two Union Square. After moving to a new condo with a full-service gym, Brett decided to resign from the Club. That didn’t last long. Missing the community, he rejoined. “I couldn’t replicate everything the WAC offers in one place,” he says. “I had to come back.” Nowadays, Brett works out on the 5th Floor in the mornings and plays pickleball on Wednesdays. He also enjoys swimming in the pool with his kids on the weekends and attending Jubilee. In addition, he recently sponsored two new members. “The WAC is truly second to none,” he says. “Everyone brings a level of excellence to the Club.”

As published in the September/October 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted September 12, 2019

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