Members making a difference: James Spence-Chan

Meet one of the Club’s Emerging All-Stars

James Spence-Chan toured the WAC during a visit to Seattle. After relocating from the Bay Area this past February, James and husband Tang knew they had to join. As a senior director for NELSON Worldwide, James is responsible for Seattle-area business development. “The WAC has a lot of commercial brokers, facility stakeholders, and other members of the commercial real estate industry,” he says. “That’s allowed me to connect with a large number of key people in the local market in a short period of time.” James works out on the 5th Floor most days and has lost 90 pounds during the past couple of years. “The WAC has been instrumental in continuing Tang’s and my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey,” James says.

As published i the November/December 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted November 29, 2019

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