Members making a difference: Jessica Locke

Jessica Locke

Meet one of the Club’s biggest supporters

Longtime Washington state resident Jessica Locke is a regional director of business development for HARBRO. Even before joining the WAC she was well acquainted with the Clubhouse via monthly Building Owners and Managers Association meetings in the Crystal Ballroom. After learning more about the Club through friend and WAC member Mick Newell, Jessica decided to join earlier this year. Since joining, she has already sponsored a new member of her own and become a WAC Emerging All-Star. Jessica regularly meets clients and friends at the Club and has quickly tapped the WAC’s reciprocal club network. “I travel often for work,” she says. “Being able to use other clubs in different cities allows me to comfortably work remotely. That’s a big perk.”

As published in the November/December 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted September 11, 2019

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