Membership All-Star: Kyle Acheson

Members make the difference.

Native Washingtonian Kyle Acheson first learned about the WAC as a college student at the University of Washington. He joined in 2014 after discovering that the Club was more than a gym. Today, Kyle plays in the WAC basketball league, gets his hair cut in the barbershop, watches sports with friends in Hagerty’s, and enjoys monthly wine tastings with his wife, Megan. Kyle works at real estate developer Pine Street Group LLC and enjoys sharing his love of the WAC with colleagues and friends—many of whom are also members. “I tell people that the WAC is the place to be if you live and work in Seattle,” he says. “Nowhere else can you feel the sense of community and family that you do at the WAC.”

As published in the January/February issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted January 18, 2018

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