Membership All-Star: Spencer Hurst

Meet one of the Club’s biggest supporters.

As a Seattle native, Spencer Hurst grew up alongside WAC members and would often play basketball at the Club during his high school days. After attending college at Santa Clara University, Spencer returned to Seattle and eventually to the WAC, joining in 2001 when his office moved in across the street. “A lot of my co-workers were members, and I remembered always wanting to join when I was growing up,” Spencer says. Nowadays, Spencer spends his weekday mornings working out with the “morning crew” in Men’s Fitness. His kids learned how to swim in the 6th Floor pool, and Spencer considers the WAC an all-around great club. “I don’t have to do much to
convince people to join,” he says. “The WAC really sells itself.”

As published in the September/October 2017 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted September 7, 2017

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