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“Basecamp for Men”

Many WAC members know Hagerty’s bartender Tony Rezac. What you might not know about Tony is that he is an author, workshop leader, and men’s coach. He also was recently contracted by America Daily to write and host a new podcast, “Basecamp for Men.” The show covers topics about men and masculinity with titles such as “How to Raise a Boy,” “The Power of Men’s Groups,” and “Breaking Open the Man Box.” New episodes are released on Tuesdays.

“Somebody Somewhere”

Looking for your next great podcast to binge? Check out the second season of the critically acclaimed “Somebody Somewhere,” produced by WAC member and former federal prosecutor David Payne. The nine-part series reinvestigates a deadly shooting in Seattle’s homeless encampment known as “The Jungle.” The 2016 shooting pushed Seattle’s homelessness crisis further into the headlines and shone a spotlight on those living under the freeway.

As published in the September/October 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted August 26, 2019

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