Nutrition: Dry January

Try it dry

By Alysse Anderegg, WAC Dietitian

Dry January—a public health campaign started in 2013 by UK charity Alcohol Concern (now known as Alcohol Change UK)—implores adults around the world to stop imbibing from January 1–31. This month-long challenge can do a lot for your health, according to WAC Dietitian Alysse Anderegg. Alcohol can disrupt restorative sleep cycles, suppress the immune system, dehydrate skin, and contribute to empty calories to your diet. If you find yourself looking for a reset, wanting to lose weight or just trying to optimize your wellness—try 31 days without drinking. In lieu of your post-work glass of wine, take up a habit. It could be something like knitting, bike riding, yoga, taking a class, or anything else that disrupts your routine! It may be mid-January, but it’s never too late to start! Simply extend your sobriety a few weeks into February.

Also, please consider participating in our upcoming fitness challenge, Wellness 360 Jump-Start. The program doesn’t begin until February 17, making it the perfect time to reinforce and refresh any 2020 fitness or wellness resolutions you might have made. It lasts until May 29, at which point I think you will have established some lasting healthy habits!

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—Posted January 15, 2020

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