Nutrition: Eat locally

It’s prime time for produce

By Eric Chen, WAC Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Summer has arrived, bringing delicious produce and extra sunshine along with it. As the season changes, challenge yourself to bump up your fresh fruits and veggies intake, especially with so many local varieties becoming available at farmers markets around the city. Local produce is picked during peak season, has better nutritional value vs. non-local, has a lower environmental impact, and supports area farmers. So, stop making excuses and start eating local fruit and veg! Here are a few tips to help you load up on seasonal goodies.

  1. Find a farmer’s market near you. Pike Place is just a short walk from the WAC and there are plenty of other outdoor markets held around the city on various days of the week and weekend. Hit them up to explore new neighborhoods and find some delicious local produce while you’re at it. Make friends with your favorite vendors … you’ll be glad you did.
  2. Check out a community supported agriculture (CSA) box. The Pacific Northwest has a great variety of farms that offer CSA programs. Sign up for a subscription and you’ll receive or pick up a cornucopia of locally group produce on the regular.
  3. Visit a local farm. It’s a great way to get local produce and take a trip out of the city. Grab your friends and family for berry or veggie picking at a nearby farm. There are plenty of U-Pick farms around Seattle.

—Posted July 3, 2018


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