Nutrition: Fall is in full swing!

Pumpkin party

By Alysse Anderegg, WAC Dietitian

While living in Kansas City, I used to especially look forward to autumn since summers were blisteringly hot and sticky with humidity. Fall in the Midwest means cooler days and nights, colorful trees, and so many fun festivals. During my first Pacific Northwest fall, I’ve found out that not much is different on this side of the nation. I’m looking forward to attending my first Seahawks game, filling up on delicious ramen, and taking in the beautiful changing leaves in our plentiful city parks. Sure, winter is coming but before it does let’s enjoy all that fall has to offer—the ubiquitious pumpkin spice latte, acres of orange gourds, and fall-flavored beer and spirits! Now is the time to get your pumpkin on, just remember to enjoy its more luxurious applications in moderation. Here are some of my facorite fall recipes tp keep you cozy and full.

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—Posted October 16, 2019

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