Nutrition: Easy elegance

Bring out your inner chef!

By Eric Chen, WAC Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Craving a perfectly cooked steak or some fork-tender osso buco? In the past you would have to eat in a fancy restaurant or spend the whole day in the kitchen. Luckily, we now have a number of innovative kitchen tools that make cooking a delicious dinner foolproof. With the help of these toys it’s possible to create quick stews, slow cook the perfect egg, and marinate your proteins in minutes. Here are three tools that do all of the hard work for me!

  1. Sous vide: I call this the gift of perfect protein! The sous vide is always on my kitchen counter and gets used multiple times a week. With this tool, steaks are perfectly medium rare, pork tenderloin is never dry, fish is never overcooked, and you can make the perfect runny eggs. All you do is set the temperature and give certain proteins a quick sear to finish it off!
  2. Vacuum sealer: This is essential for my meal prep and keeping things fresh. I spend a few minutes each weekend vacuum sealing my proteins with various marinades for weekday meals. It can also step in if you need to marinate proteins in a pinch. Once vacuumed sealed, foods will maintain their freshness three to five times longer than conventional storing methods. This and the sous vide go hand in hand!
  3. Instant Pot: Stews, soups, and slowed-cooked meals can take hours. But with the power of the Instant Pot pressure cooker, dishes can be completed in a fraction of the time. Pressure cooking allows us to dramatically bring down cooking times for meats that usually need to stew all day to become tender. On top of being a pressure cooker, the Instant Pot can also be used for steaming, cooking grains, making yogurt, or even as a simple sauté pan!

—Published March 8, 2018

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