Nutrition: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

By Alysse Anderegg, WAC Dietitian

Don’t let the temptation of Halloween indulgences scare you! Instead, let this holiday be an opportunity for teaching our kids healthy habits. Here’s some tips from WAC Dietitian Alysse Anderegg

  1. Cook and share a Halloween themed meal to enjoy before trick-or-treating begins.
  2. Let your kids enjoy collecting and sorting through their Halloween goodies.
  3. Through the holidays, offer many healthy choices and practice portion control.
  4. Donate leftover candy to a local shelter for kids that were unable to enjoy the festivities.

Have your kids help you whip up a fun Halloween themed meal or scary treat!

  1. Jack-o’-lantern stuffed peppers
  2. Eyeball pasta
  3. Mummy dogs
  4. Monster Rice Krispies
  5. Frozen banana ghosts

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—Posted October 29, 2019

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