Nutrition: Healthy post-holidays

Welcome 2020 with fruits and veggies!

By Alysse Anderegg, WAC Dietitian

It’s resolution season. But, instead of going on a weeklong juice cleanse why don’t you opt for more sustainable diet changes? Choose produce heavy recipes to get your body and gut in check after so many weeks of indulgent foods. Here are some of my favorite recipes.

Also, please consider participating in our upcoming fitness challenge, Wellness 360 Jump-Start. The program doesn’t begin until February 17, making it the perfect time to reinforce and refresh any 2020 fitness or wellness resolutions you might have made. It lasts until May 29, at which point I think you will have established some lasting healthy habits!

Read more about Alysse and how she can help you overcome health barriers and create lifestyle changes that lead to healthier and happier living. Contact her at or 206.839.4782.

—Posted January 8, 2020



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