Nutrition: New Fall Smoothie!

Featuring our new fall smoothie from the 8th Floor WAC Café, The Jolt!

WAC Dietitian and Wellness Coach Alysse Anderegg recommends the autumnal shake as a healthy breakfast option or post-exercise recovery meal. Here are the essential components of this morning delicacy.

  • Cinnamon: This super spice offers powerful antioxidants that help fight off inflammation
  • Espresso: For that much needed AM buzz
  • Almond butter: Healthy fat that keeps you full until lunch
  • Egg white protein powder: This complete protein offers all the amino acids essential for building muscle
  • Banana: Makes for a creamy smoothie and replenishes glycogen stores after sleep and exercise.

Start your day off right with The Jolt (contains around 450 calories and 30 grams of protein).

Read more about Alysse and how she can help you overcome health barriers and create lifestyle changes that lead to healthier and happier living. Contact her at or 206.839.4782.

—Posted October 23, 2019

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