Nutrition: Smart snacking

Embrace the snack attack

By Hannah Dentry, WAC Dietitian

Do you have any dietitian friends? If you do, you may have noticed that they keep an arsenal of hearty snacks on hand and eat often—maybe even every two to three hours! I know I am certainly one of these people, and for good reason. I eat protein-rich snacks throughout the day to hold me over between meals. This keeps me from getting to that overly-hungry (AKA “hangry”) state where making healthy choices is practically impossible. Purposeful snacks can also help keep your metabolism and energy levels humming throughout the day and contribute to your daily nutrient needs. Now, the key to snacking like a dietitian is mastering the components of a perfect snack—protein and high-fiber carbs. Some of my absolute favorites are listed below:

  • Raw, unsalted nuts: Nuts or nut butters are a great source of plant-based protein! Pair them with a small piece of fruit for a complete snack.
  • RXBARs: A perfect combination of protein (from the nuts and egg whites) and high-fiber carbs (from the dates).
  • Dry-roasted chickpeas and edamame: These tasty beans are the perfect combo of protein and carbs and pack a satisfying crunch. Go for simple flavors like sea salt and olive oil.

These options are all shelf stable and make a great addition to your gym bag or desk drawer. Enjoy!


—Posted March 6, 2019




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