Our newest Life Members share fond Club memories

Life Membership is one of the WAC’s highest honors and a long-running Club tradition. Club members who reach their 50th membership anniversary earn Life Member status, which includes a dues waiver for the remainder of their lives as well as a gold membership card, card holder, and commemorative gift. We asked our most recent class of Life Members to share their fondest memories from five decades at the WAC.

“My favorite memory precedes our 50 years of membership, when I took my future wife, Cheri, to a pre-high school prom dinner in the Ember Room and was treated with the same respect as the adults who were dining.”—Cheri Brennan and Thomas Horsley

“I enjoyed running with the ‘Winnebagos’ on the 5th Floor.”—Frank Coyle

“I very much enjoyed conditioning in 5th Floor Men’s Fitness, especially in my early years at the WAC, when I would work out before work and then again after work. I also have fond memories of the many years I spent on the 6th Floor handball courts and the many friendships I made.”—Michael Jordan

“My first experience at the Club was playing squash with a workmate. Fifty years later, I am still playing sports at the Club and spending time with many of the same friends!”— Judy and Richard Longstreth

“Being an avid handball player was my favorite way to keep in good shape and meet new friends. I’ve never had so much sheer fun.”—H. Clay Freeman

“I enjoyed Father-Daughter dances and Father-Son banquets. I still can see the sparkle in my children’s eyes as we walked in the room.”—Kenneth Alhadeff, pictured with wife Marleen

Ballroom-style dancing, where we enjoyed live music, Latin rhythms, and more.”—Patricia and Frank Garred

“I enjoyed spending many hours lifting weights on the 5th Floor.”—Bradford Bodley

“My favorite event was going to the WAC after a long day of work to meet my buddies in the gym for 3-on-3 basketball, or running on the track for a few miles, which always ended with a sauna and a Scotch in the bar!” —Ralph Hoard

We always enjoyed Jubilee. We were always able to meet so many members, and the evening consisted of great entertainment and different foods.”—Ammon McWashington and Carol Coram

“John really enjoyed being Chairman of the Board in 1998–1999, and we both looked forward to receiving beautifully made and decorated gingerbread houses from the Club. They add an extra special touch to the holiday season and are proudly displayed in our home.”—Marlene and John Durbin

“We have a family business and have thoroughly enjoyed Friday lunches at Torchy’s with our son and daughter.”—Kathleen and George Kosmos

Saturday morning kids activities are a cherished memory for our children. I also enjoyed playing basketball at noon, as well as racquetball and handball.”—Donald Kurth

“Playing in the WAC basketball league and attending Christmas parties with our children and the Holiday Teas before Christmas shopping downtown.”—Susan and Edward Archibald

“We initially joined for the outstanding basketball league, where (Michael) met many friends over the almost-20 years he played. We have since moved out of town, but we are still thankful for the WAC’s staff, rooms, restaurants, and friendly parking garage folks that help sustain our connection to Seattle.”—Amy Bell and Michael Woodin

“I am a lawyer, so I was at court a lot—on the WAC basketball and handball courts, that is.” —George Martin, pictured with his daughters at the 1980 Father-Daughter Dance

As published in the January/February/March 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted January 12, 2022

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