Pain in the pandemic era

Physical therapy can help stop the side effects of our altered realities

By Sarah Juul, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Right about now, many of us are feeling a little extra pain. For months, we went without our regular fitness and workout routines. At the same time, we moved into makeshift home desks, sat for countless hours on video calls, and struggled to find anything resembling free time. Not to mention all those days of rotten air quality. We aren’t used to this!

As a result of these fundamental changes, our bodies are experiencing new aches and pains that are holding us back. On the upside, the WAC is open, group fitness classes are back, and the WAC Wellness Center is ready to help you return to your pre-pandemic self—or even better!

**WAC members may schedule physical therapy in the Wellness Center by calling 206.839.4780 or emailing**

The physical therapists who work in the 4th Floor Wellness Center regularly treat a wide variety of pain and injuries—including those brought on by poor posture, long hours of sitting, and improper body mechanics. Both therapists have their doctorate in physical therapy and are board-certified orthopedic clinical specialists. We also have additional certifications in orthopedic manual therapy.

When meeting with new clients, we work to assess your pain and your lifestyle and discuss options for creating lasting improvements. Unlike most medical professionals, we assign homework. This usually includes strength-building and stretching exercises. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with yoga, Pilates, or other fitness programs.

Some of the most common problems we see brought on by poor ergonomics and body mechanics include back, neck, and shoulder pain. Common lower-body pain often occurs in the hips and knees. All of these issues can be mitigated and treated with proper guidance and targeted therapy.

If you’re experiencing pain related to long hours of sitting or recent changes in your lifestyle, consider a complimentary 15-minute screening with one of our therapists. As a WAC member, you have access to premier fitness facilities and services that work in conjunction with physical therapy to create rewarding and lasting change.

—Manual Therapy International physical therapist Sarah Juul works out of the WAC Wellness Center, located on the 4th Floor of the Clubhouse. WAC members may schedule physical therapy in the Wellness Center by calling 206.839.4780 or emailing

As published in the November/December 2020 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted November 11, 2020

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