Pilates for everyone

New Club equipment means even more options for exploring this palliative workout

By George Sommerrock, Fitness Programs Manager 

One thing we can all count on is time marching forward. Fortunately for WAC members, the new equipment in our WAC Pilates studio is keeping in step. A trampoline in Pilates? Split-pedal stability chairs and a jumpboard? Yes, yes and … yes!

We recently added new tower reformers and accessories to accommodate all body types, fitness levels, and ages. Whether you’re new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, there is something new for you to experience right here at the WAC!

Current studies show that Pilates enhances posture by improving frontal alignment, resulting in pain-free movement. Pilates does this by strengthening the deep core muscles of your powerhouse—the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor. As these muscles begin to better support your posture, your shoulders relax and your head and neck move more freely. In turn, this alleviates pain and stress in your hips, legs and feet.

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As your Pilates practice matures, we often see a positive impact in your flexibility and mobility. These are particularly important as we age, but they can also pay dividends for anyone looking to improve athletic performance and prevent injury. The concentrated prescribed exercises of Pilates improve your range of motion and allow you to enjoy fuller joint movement.

Studies also show that Pilates builds muscular strength by focusing on improvements in abdominal and lower-back muscle endurance. By establishing a regular Pilates practice, you can improve your strength and stamina no matter your age. After all, nobody enjoys a stiff back or sore hips.

Here’s a look at some of the new pieces of Pilates equipment at the WAC: 

  • Cardio-tramp rebounder (aka trampoline): A soft landing surface allows for extended plyometric activity, creating a high-energy but low-impact workout. We use these for strength and endurance workouts. The soft landing is ideal for anyone with foot and ankle rehabilitation.
  • Split-pedal stability chair: This allows us to take advantage of expanded Pilates programming options by assisting in a rebalance of muscles while providing a full upper- and lower-body workout. By independently isolating each side of your body we can realign and rebalance symmetry. It’s also fantastic for spotlighting challenge areas.
  • Jumpboard with crossbow reformer: Pilates Jumpboard exercises help bone health as they promote weight-bearing activities. We like the movement in this supine position because it allows clients with knee and ankle concerns, such as arthritis, to have a successful workout. The crossbow handlebar option gives us alternative hand positions and allows us to adjust for taller individuals.

In many cases, Pilates dramatically improves dynamic balance for older adults. This can prevent falls and counteract stability regression brought on by age. Our new equipment offers even more options for achieving these outcomes and other functional improvements.

Let’s keep those bodies in motion now and for decades to come. It’s not a secret anymore—Pilates is for everyone.

Meet the Pilates team

SvetlanaSvetlana Perekhodova
A contortionist and original cast member of Teatro ZinZanni, Svetlana studied at the Kiev Circus Academy and has performed at some of the most distinguished venues in Europe. She received her classical Pilates certification from Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. She strongly believes in the Pilates method, body awareness, and functional movement.

Pilates TrainingNatalia Tikhonova
Natalia holds an associate degree in physical therapy and works in the University of Washington’s physical therapy clinic. She has completed certifications in Stott Pilates, rehabilitative Pilates for health care providers, and orthopedic movement. She has extensive experience in alleviating joint and spinal pain and in posture correction.


Pilates Training 5Anna Golubeva
Anna’s lifelong interest in anatomy and physiology inspired her to complete a degree from the Russian Academy of Physical Fitness and Sport and enter the world of fitness training. She studied at the Vitality Pilates School in Seattle. Anna enjoys helping her clients use Pilates to move better. She also works at Swedish Medical Center.


Lauren Slater-Major
Lauren graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with a degree in dance and exercise studies. She received her classical Pilates certification from Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. She is also a certified yoga teacher. She teaches Pilates to yoga-lovers by focusing on flow, the cultivation of breath, and development of body intelligence.


—Reach George Sommerrock at georges@wac.net.

As published in the November/December 2020 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted November 5, 2020

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